Frequently Asked Questions -

There are several reasons:

  • video is private. Sorry, we can not deal with it.
  • video is unavailable. We are studying this case. We will fix it if possible.
  • you paste wrong type of links. At this moment we support downloading from pages which contain a single video. If you paste a user profile link or something else, you will see error.
  • something is wrong on our side. If you are sure that your link is correct, try downloading one more time.

We do not change resolution or any other parameters of the video. We do not edit video which you download. We only provide a link to the original file which is located on Tiktok servers.

Basicly that means that we can't make better quality because the original file is in poor quality.

It costs some money to support website like this. We have to pay salary to our coders. Other expenses include servers, domain name, security protection costs, etc.

Ads are the only way of our funding, so we can't remove them. Please, treat this with understanding.

This could happen accidentally. Please, contact us at[at] and provide the IPs which should be unbanned.
We are working on this problem but have not solved it yet. Here is what you can do to continue downloading: clear your browser's cookies or try using another browser.
Sure. We are working on it. We hope it will be ready by the end of May 2020. Please, be patient.
Not now. We will get back to this question later